February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day gifts for nursery school kids

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I made some quick and easy gifts for our son to hand out in school to his classmates. I figured I would do something not pertaining to food or candy since some kids have food allergies. I saw this on Pinterest but I put my own twist to it.
It probably took me an hour or so to do.

I bought some Valentine's Day themed pencils at $1.00 for 10 pencils. This is what you need to make these:

red / pink construction paper
elmers glue
curling ribbon
exacto knife or razor
and computer/printer  ( go to paint )

Go into paint and make your page like this. I could fit 6 on one page. Cut each one out and back with red or pink construction paper. I used both colors. I used red for the boys and the pink for the girls.

Lay everything out like an assembly line and it will go faster.

 Glue the words to the construction paper with the elmers glue.

Once the glue dries, take your exacto knife and make a small cut at each end large enough for the pencil to slide through. Make sure your cut isn't too long or the paper will rip when you slide the pencil though there.
Tie some curling ribbon on the ends of the pencils and insert them into the papers.
Don't forget to use cardboard or a mat to protect your surface when you are cutting.

Here's what 16 of them look like finished.
I wrote the names of the kids in the corners.

Unfortunately , school was cancelled due to all the snow we got so I guess they will get them a little later.
There's a lot of different ideas you could do with this in mind.

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