February 11, 2014

DIY Chalkboard

Hello Everyone, I thought I would show you how to make a chalkboard really simple. No paint required.
Our son has been learning to write his name in school this year. I thought  the chalkboard would be a great gift to his teachers to say  thank you  and sign his name for  Valentines' Day . I made three of them for his two teachers and one for myself.

I bought this chalkboard at HOME DEPOT. It comes in 2 x 4 sheets. It's blackboard already mounted on board similar to MDF. Cost $ 9.99 . I had some 1 x 2's left over from another project to use for the frame of the chalkboard.
I wanted to make three chalkboards so I cut them at approx. 16 inches across. 

Measure out the size of the chalkboard that you want and cut it with a jig saw with a metal blade. It will give it a clean cut.

Cut the boards you want to use to make the frame. I'm using 1 x 2 's for mine. Miter them, glue and nail to form the frame.

Sand the wood and stain it or paint it. Let dry. I used Varathane in the color of KONA. for this one. Make sure you always sand the wood and prep it for a professional finish.

This one I used Polyshades in Expresso. It's a stain and Polyurethane all in one.
Once the stain is dry attach the frame to the chalkboard with some wood screws. I used a D-hook for hanging.

I had our son write his name on them and we gave them to his teachers today in case there is a snow storm as predicted on Valentines' Day and school get cancelled.

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