Adding an Addition

My mom and I met with the Architect on tuesday. She had the first drawings to go over with us.They came out awesome.Here is what the house looks like Now at 2200 sq ft.

That's just the first floor. Here is the new addition section.

Adding onto deck, a den , a kitchen , a bath/laundry , parlor , bedroom. Here is the big picture.

With the new addition added on the house will be just over 3200 sq ft. here are some pictures of the outside

that's the front view. here is the side view.

Here is a picture of the back of the new addition.
Here is the back with the addition.

Yes, I will have a covered porch out excited. The pictures don't show that my deck is tri-level, it just looks like one big deck. There are some small changes to be made but other than that she did a great job in the design. We want to lower the foundation on the new addition side, add on my 4 ' copper coupler, and remove the small walls at doorway , and remove the bench and closet in the den,add another window there. (it will give me more room to add my own pieces and decorate) This is designed for my mom to move in and also give us one-floor living later in life. It will be set-up with larger doors and a walk-in spa shower. Here's a picture of my solid copper coupler that I want added on. It 's 4 foot square. the rust is from the topper (weather vane) I will take a picture of that later.

I just need to make the changes with her this week and submit it to the town. My Mom's going to be retiring soon so she will be my part time babysitter and I can go back to running my business and " trucking " again part time. boy, I miss it...

my little helper

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