April 22, 2015

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

While our tree guy Dan was trimming some trees for us to prep for the new addition construction site, I had him cut some slices off the logs for me approx. 3 inches thick so I could mount the deer antlers I bought last year.

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

Here's Dan our tree guy on a smaller tree we had to remove.  I planted 8-9 trees last year around our property to make up for the two we had to remove.

  I've been letting the log slices dry out for 3-4 months now.  They will split during the drying process if left untreated.  I used a stain mixed with polyurathane and applied several coats.

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

The log slice doesn't look like it's been treated because it just absorbs the stain/poly like a sponge as it dries out.  There is a product you can buy for this process, but it's expensive and I'm only doing this one slice. The other 2 slices did split as they were drying out.
 Traced the skull of the antlers onto the wood and remove the inside of the wood so the antlers sit flush.

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

 Cut pieces of rope and cover the skull. You can use a glue gun to attach the pieces.

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

                 I originally hung this without mounting it to the wood but it didn't look finished.

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

 I drilled the top of the skull at an angle and used a 3.5 inch wood screw to attach it to the wood.
I used two 2 inch screws for the bottom.

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

Drill a hole in the back of wood slice and hang on the wall. Since it's such a heavy piece, I decided to hang it on the pine wall in parlor  (livingroom)  instead of drywall in the den.

Wood Log Mounted Deer Antlers idea

                               It's alot easier to do. A great place to hang my Stetson.

April 12, 2015

1,000 sq. ft. Home Addition Construction update

Here is an update on the home addition we are adding to our house.  The snow is finally melting after this long winter we had here in New England.  There are still snow banks in our yard.


April 9, 2015

Old door for my garden from Mansion Demo

I had a chance to pick through a mansion built in the late 1800's before we demoulished it. The mansion was located an hour away from my house so I was limited to how much stuff  I could load on the trailer and the back of the pickup truck.

old door for garden
Carriage House of  Mansion Demo

April 4, 2015

joss & Main Inspirational Painted Picture

I'd like to share with you a picture I saw on joss & Main that I gave me inspiration for a special Christmas gift.  I was browsing on their website and came across this picture of a Shih Tzu dog.  It looked almost exactly like my Mom's dog.  Since it was only a few days until Christmas, I didn't have time to purchase it so I decided I'd try to paint one just like it.

April 2, 2015

1,000 sq.ft. Home Addition Construction Project

Here is an update on the 1,000 sq. ft. addition being added to our home.  It will feature a den, another kitchen with open concept into a parlor (livingroom), bedroom, a spa bathroom and area for laundry all on one level. A small porch will also be added to the front and rear entry.I will be showing you this project step-by-step as it moves along.
adding 1,000 sq.ft.home addition


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