April 12, 2015

1,000 sq. ft. Home Addition Construction update

Here is an update on the home addition we are adding to our house.  The snow is finally melting after this long winter we had here in New England.  There are still snow banks in our yard.


We removed the frost blankets and spent part of the day prepping the ground for the floor of the foundation.
We got a load of stone and borrowed our friends mini CAT excavator.
 our trucks/trailer saves us $$ from hiring someone to deliver or remove fill,sand,stone

CAT excavator 1,000 sq. ft. home construction addition

We don't need our excavator on site , which is larger, at this time during the construction.  Not to mention, I'm trying to save our yard from totally being destroyed from all this construction equipment . We are doing our own " sweat equity "  for this whole project.  It's going to save us a significant amount of money. So far we dug out the foundation and have prepped it for each stage of this project.

1,000 sq. ft. home construction addition CAT excavator
mini excavator fits perfect through here

Yesterday the three of us got the ground level , we installed Green SDR midweight perforated pipe and a sump bucket. We filled 3 sides of the foundation edge with 3/4 inch stone that we picked up with our 10 wheeler dump truck.  It wasn't part of the plans,  but we decided to add it in since now would be the time to do it before the foundation floor is poured with concrete. We have never had water in our part of the basement, but we do have a sump pump installed. Better safe than sorry.  This area will be added storage so we thought the sump pump would be a great idea.  The windows in the foundation walls and this sump pump are all extra things we added as we are moving along.

1,000 sq. ft. home construction addition
sump bucket and pipe

As for my landscaping around this project ,  I am not happy.  My rose garden, bushes, trees, and some perennials had to be moved and still need to be replanted in another area immediately so the don't die.

grade is changed now

My lawn....everyone knows how anal I am over my lawn....And this area , well lets just say, it's not looking too good right now. The grade is changed, there are small rocks everywhere, but I am looking forward to redesigning this whole area this summer.

bushes and plants to be replanted this week.

more bushes and plants
This week the floor will be poured and the framers will be here finally.
Watch as this project moves along quickly from this point on.

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