May 23, 2014

Window Box Plant Stands - DIY

 I was picking through the shed and came across two plastic window planter boxes.  I probably got them at the end of last summer because I didn't use them anywhere.
   Last Spring,  the neighbor out in front of us cut down a few 50' pine trees.   The trees shaded the front of our house nicely.  I miss those trees.  They kept our second floor relatively cool during the summer.  They blocked the late afternoon sun which now means all that sun beats through all our skylights and windows.  It gets very HOT now.
I've been thinking of way to block some of that sun and add some privacy.  I'm going to start with the window boxes and make plant stands.  Grow some vines and put them up on the balcony to the master bedroom.

Window Box Plant Stands - DIY

May 17, 2014

Garden Ponds

Happy Weekend. I haven't been posting much lately. Sorry . Busy with a million projects and still painting the house. Lots of rain or it's too hot. Changing a lot of things around the yard this year. Rebuilding the vegetable garden fence and getting ready to plant some veggies. Not to mention , doing firewood, still mulching, making a potting bench, baseball, school activities, and chasing a woodchuck that is making a mess of our yard.
I did manage to get the garden ponds up and running and made a couple of bird houses.

garden ponds diy
front yard pond

May 5, 2014

A Day of Horse Racing

Hello  Since it's Kentucky Derby weekend , I thought I'd show you what a day of racing looks like here at Suffolk Downs Massachusetts. I stopped by to visit my old boss and to see his horses and one of them race.
My family also had race horses at Suffolk Downs for many years.  I remember hanging out at the race track as a kid all day saturday and  running up to the window to put in bets for my grandfather. I felt like a big shot betting $50's  even though it was his money. I remember my grandmother yelling at him when we got home because he came home broke, well at least that's what she thought. It brought back memories when I stopped by to visit my old boss Randy.

May 2, 2014

Rain delays Painting House

Hello  I thought I would have some things all wrapped up this week , but the heavy rain has delayed all my big outdoor projects. I am also putting together some other accents for our yard.
Here's a sneak peak at what I've been working on. The front door is finished with the new colors we chose. These colors so much better than the white against the cedar siding , it brings out the grain in the wood.

pin it

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