May 2, 2014

Rain delays Painting House

Hello  I thought I would have some things all wrapped up this week , but the heavy rain has delayed all my big outdoor projects. I am also putting together some other accents for our yard.
Here's a sneak peak at what I've been working on. The front door is finished with the new colors we chose. These colors so much better than the white against the cedar siding , it brings out the grain in the wood.

The mulch was delivered a couple weeks ago. I did manage to start some of my flower beds and like I said, it's been raining every other day.
This is 5 yards and I have a long way to go and will most likely need another delivery of mulch. Along with mulching comes weeding , edging and re-planting of bulbs that were pulled at the end of last season. It's very time consuming.

Here's  two flowers beds that I started and finished located at the front of the property.

As you can see, the deer were feeding off of these arborvitae all winter. I'm not happy.

There is another  young pear tree here that I planted last fall. It has just started to produce small buds.

The weeping cherry tree is in full bloom and it is the first tree to show its color.

Glad to see the sun...literally.

Saturdays are now taken as we signed up our 4 yr. old for baseball. It's so fun to watch the little guys running around and learning the game. Their hands are so small for the gloves. Last weeks game was cancelled due to the rain. The forecast for tomorrows game is sunny and 63 finally.

A couple of weeks ago I lined the driveway with these big chunks of logs. As you can see there is still snow on the ground. I did sustain an ear injury placing the logs. All my years of landscaping this was a first. A small tree branch punctured my TM (ear drum) as I was bending over and  placing the logs. It stopped me in my tracks. It felt like the saying , " an ice pick in my ear. "
Where I placed the chunks of log is where the orange day lily's will bloom and they will blend nice together.

The moon lighting the driveway is always a pretty scene. The natural night light.

We got this wagon and cans over the weekend. I made a new handle for it with a piece of scrap closet pole and a branch. I'm also re-painting the old rocking chair. As much as I like to see the old chippy paint peeling and showing it's age and layers of paint , I'm painting it over to protect it somewhat from the weather as it's not looking like it will have much life left in it. We managed to get the paint matched up at Sherwin Williams and the color is a perfect match.
I have some great ideas for the wagon which will be one of the things you see as you come down the driveway.
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back in for some updates.

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