March 9, 2014

DIY-Electric Fireplace make-over with storage

I thought I would show you what I was busy doing during the Holidays while it's still cold outside. Our master bedroom is very large.  It's approx. 20 by 30 with an en-suite and large walk-in closet.  We have an electric fireplace that we purchased from Home Depot for a couple hundred dollars when our son was an infant to take the chill off of our room when he was in his bassinet. The fireplace cabinet finish is a cheap veneer.  I thought I would paint it to get rid of the veneer fake wood look. Here's the finished fireplace cabinet in which I added top storage for vases and candles.

The bedroom has high cathedral ceilings and rather than cranking the heat up,  this fireplace works great to take the chill out of the air. We run it for about an hour and the temperature is comfortable.

I used all scrap wood and only 2 new 2x4 's to do this. I made the base large so if I wanted to remove the top storage with glass doors, it would still look alright if it stood alone.

I made a frame for the base of the fireplace large enough to be able to just slide it in and out.

Now I can slide the electric fireplace in and box in the front to show the glass front flame and airflow. I left the back of this cabinet completely open.

I got some recycled trim pieces at the local Re-Store to add when I was finished boxing it in.

You can see the fireplace and how much veneer of the unit that I left showing for some detail.

I also added this cabinet with glass doors that mounts on the wall  for extra storage.

I painted it with chalk paint that I made in the color of Cornbread by Martha Stewart. This color adds a nice pop of color against this wall which is an earth tone blue, but also sometimes looks gray. I would have to look up the color if you wanted to know what it is. I can't remember off hand what it is.

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