March 19, 2014

Wood Baby / Dog Gate

Hello, I thought I would show you the wood baby / dog gate that I installed  going from the den to the kitchen. The gate was in another place , but I decided to move it when I found our dog on our sofa in the wee hours of the night.  He's not a small lap dog and rolls around in the yard.  So our sofa is no place for him to be.

DIY Wood dog Baby gate

I wish I installed it here a long time ago. There was no way to install one of those other baby gates in this location without adding posts. Since I had to add the post, I thought a wooden gate on hinges would look the best. It took awhile for our son to open it , but now that he is older and stronger, it works out perfect. He also uses it for his little set-ups with matchbox cars, trains and angry birds. When I'm cooking, I don't have the dog under my feet staring at me and hoping that I drop something on the floor.  He doesn't beg , but I know that's what he's thinking.

DIY Wood dog Baby gate

The kitchen is open and overlooks the den where I have our table.  I have a dining room with my old wood drop sided table set , but we eat down in the den with the woodstove and watch the news.

This is my retro table where we have dinner.  It's in mint condition and I switch it out with the other table every now and then.

Condensation on my lense in this pic from being out in the cold. 

I installed this gate and posts over the summer last year so I don't have any pictures on how I did this. I used a couple of posts that I cut down and stained them.  I went to Home Depot and got the wood for the railing and I made my own spindles from oak to match the gate.

DIY Wood dog Baby gate

Here's our dog Bailey. He's covered in snow and his hair is a mess. He's going for his spring Wheaton Terrier haircut where he will be shaved down and face trimmed with whispy bangs.  I like his hair long and fluffy , but we live near the state forest and the deer ticks are out there.  He gets shaved down for everyone's safety.

It's been a long winter for all of us, but at least I didn't worry about him tracking snow / and spring mud throughout the house. Once you pass the kitchen and dining room, the rest of the house is white wall to wall berber carpet.  Not where I want to see dog foot prints or be sharing the sofa with him.

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