March 16, 2014

Kitchen Backsplash on a budget

I have been wanting to add a backsplash to our old eighties kitchen since I bought this house. Last year we got an estimate on a new countertop, refacing the cabinet doors and a new counter. Plans have changed since that time and it's not in the budget any time soon. Since we are adding an addition, we also have to spend on changing out our heating system and electrical, so forget the kitchen makeover for now. I thought I would paint on a backsplash instead.

I used all earth tone paints that I had in my garage from other projects. I picked out 5 different colors for this. I didn't buy 1/4 inch painters tape. I used what I had. I didn't want to spend any money on this project.
Since my kitchen is open and overlooks the den below, I chose colors that blend with the rock walls that surround the wood stove so they rooms flow together.

I decided to go with a subway tile design. The size I used was 2 inch by 5 inch which is not the traditional size of subway tile. I started at the bottom and worked my way across and up.

I did one coat on each color. The next morning I went over it with another coat.

This is the first coat of paint. The color of the grout is the color of the wall from the beginning of this project.

I decided not to go all the way up to the bottom of the cabinets . I have a small kitchen. I think it's too much for a backsplash to go all the way up the wall. By not going all the way up with the backsplash, you can trick the eye to keep the focus only on the backsplash when you walk in a kitchen. I know everyone is going all the way up with their backsplash, but it's not necessary and adds cost. In my 30 years of cooking, I've never had food on the wall.
I topped all off with a decorative piece of molding that I attached with my brad nailer.

This is how it looked before.

This is how it looks finished. The best part is I like my old kitchen again for now and if I want to change it next month I can, with no major repairs to the drywall.
Great idea if you rent a house or live in an apartment. You can add color without needing permission to change the kitchen. It's only paint and you can paint over it when you move out.
Time for this project : one weekend.

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