March 27, 2014

Make a Vegetable Bin

Happy Spring ...I know, I'm taking way too long of a time between my posts. I have many projects behind me and not posted for a reason. I have been busy making some major changes here in our house recently with the new addition project coming up. I'm scrambling you could say because I will be losing a closet and a room will have to be emptied out before construction is started.
I have a moment to show you a vegetable bin I made from some scrap wood that I have been moving around in my garage all winter.

I got tired of my potatoes being in one cabinet, my onions, garlic and tomatoes on my counter. Then add the bananas and the counter is a cluttered mess. I had a vegetable bin in my other house and it worked out great. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit in this kitchen so I thought I would use the only space I have available and make one to fit.

I measured this corner and decided it would be the new space for my fruit and veggies.
I just used a bunch of odd scrap wood. I then decided how many bins I wanted it to be. I'm going to leave the bananas on the counter wrapped in the towel ( keeps them from getting chilled.)

I used all different wood from pine to mdf  to some oak as I planned on painting it anyway.

I added wide molding to the base for stability since I'm not going to secure it to the wall.

I made some chalkboard labels for the bins on some leftover pieces of mdf  from another project.

I tied the labels on with some twine.

I added on an antique hook and used a chalkboard design for the fresh fruit and vegetable that I  freehanded with  a black sharpie.

Since it's Spring, I decided to go with the flowers instead.

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