July 10, 2014

DIY Sandbox for under $100

Hello Everyone. We made a large sandbox for our 4 year old son for under a $100.  He had a small green plastic turtle sandbox in which he was starting to outgrow.  I noticed he no longer could play comfortably and the toys he was using were way too big.

DIY Sandbox under $100

We purchased 4- 2 x 10 boards 8' long and 8- 40lb. bags of play sand.  We didn't buy pressure treated wood because of the chemicals in the wood.
We cut 2 feet off the length of each 8' board and put the 2' pieces aside for the seats.  We screwed the ends together of the 6' boards and made the square frame.
We decided to move the sandbox farther away from the house and placed it closer to the wooden swingset.

We also placed it in a shaded area so he could play and not be bothered with the hot sun.

DIY Sandbox under $100

Once we determined the location of the the sandbox, we placed landscape fabric on the inside bottom  and stapled it to the edges.  The landscape fabric we already had and didn't need to purchase it for this project.

DIY Sandbox under $100

The 2' pieces that we put aside earlier are for the seats on each corner of the sandbox. We just placed the boards on the corners, marked and trimmed the edges with a circular saw so the seats fit flush on the edges and screwed into place.

Here's a list of what you will need:

4- 2x10 boards @ 8' long
8- 40 lb. bags of play sand  ( 10 bags would be perfect )
2 1/2 inch exterior screws.
Landscape fabric to line the bottom of sandbox for drainage and blocking grass growth.

We also dumped the sand from the old sandbox into this new one. I might add 2 or 3 more bags of sand since he likes to build hills, roads and load trucks.

While I work my garden or cut the lawn, our son has a fun place to play with plenty of room.

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