January 7, 2014

Chalk painted side table for bathroom storage

Hello Everyone , I hope your Holidays were happy and safe . I managed to do a few projects in the middle of the Holidays . One was to paint this small end table or you could call it a night stand since I have 2 of them . It's been sitting down the cellar not being used. I made my own chalk paint with some  ivory white paint that I have. I used this color because it happens to be the same color of the trim in one of my half bathrooms where I plan on placing it for a small storage space.

I removed the drawers and painted 2 thin coats of chalk paint and set them aside. While the drawers were drying , I taped off the top with a square design. I painted the squares with a thin coat of paint and let that dry. I used my hair dryer to dry them faster on the cool setting since I was pressed for time and was doing this in the middle of my kitchen. I added another coat of paint to the squares and set aside.

Of course I had to be careful not to knock my son's angry birds and pigs off while I was trying to paint. It's funny how my projects become  ' set ups ' for his toys. 

Once the paint was completely dry overnight, I lightly sanded the dresser with 240 grit sandpaper for a distressed worn look. I always apply Howard Feed-n-Wax to finish off any chalk painted projects. It's a wood polish and conditioner made up of Beeswax and Orange oil.  I buy it at Home Depot and it works good and smells great. It's easy to use. 
Apply it with a dry cloth and wipe it on. You don't need to use a lot. You will be able to see where you missed areas. 
Let it dry for about 15 minutes and just lightly buff it out with a different dry cloth. I usually use old socks , t-shirts or towels for rags.

I'll show you the bathroom where I'm going to be placing it in another post.
The other matching side table to this is painted similar to this except I didn't paint the top. I only painted the sides and drawers. 
This is the other one that I painted over the summer. 

Here it is in the half bath on the first floor.

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