December 11, 2013

Wooden Sign Post for the Holidays

If you have no porch at your house to decorate for the holidays , don't worry , you're not alone.  Since I don't have much space to decorate when you come to my front door , I decided to make a post to hang a holiday sign and some decorations.  I had a bunch of scrap wood in the garage and out in the yard.  I grabbed the pieces that were the closest to the size I needed to make the post.

Wooden Sign Post

Some of the wood was wet from the snow , but I used it anyway.  I had a piece of  2 x 3  of oak from a pallet.  It was 4' tall so I started with that. I grabbed a piece of 12 by 12 engineered beam for the base and added a 2 x 10 cut down to 9 x 9.  The engineered piece for the base is really heavy.  It's used in new construction for beams.  It's suppose to be stronger than a regular beam.

Wooden Sign Post

I nailed the 3 pieces together like this. I took some pieces of scrap wood and boxed in the base.around the post.  I added some mitered pieces to the top to close it in.  The whole idea of this project was to do it quickly and with the least amount of cuts on the saw for a quick clean up.  Besides, it was close to dinner time and I needed to get dinner started soon.

Wooden Sign Post scrap wood

I worked on  the top of the post next.  I added some scrap pieces of wood and just kept stacking them on top of each other.  I wanted to use a black wrought iron planter bracket, but unfortunately they are in the shed and buried at the time so I just made a wooden bracket for now.  I can always remove it and put on the black wrought iron one later.  I cut a piece of chain and screwed the 2 pieces underneath the bracket to hang a sign.
Wooden Sign Post recycle wood

I also added a vintage hook on the opposite side of the bracket.  I'm not sure if I am going to paint it or stain it.  I have to wait for the base to dry from the snow.  I also might add a finial to the top or some other piece of vintage hardware that I  have.  This project cost was $ 0 .  I used all scrap recycled wood and hardware.
I will finish it in next day or two once it is dry.

Wooden Sign Post recycle scrap wood

I 'll at least be able to make my entry way a little more festive now since there isn't much space.
Check back to see it finished in a day or two.

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