December 5, 2013

Christmas decorating is late this year

By this time in December , my decorations are out and on display .  I am late this year and lots of reasons why. Busy , busy and busy . Let me tell you why.

demo hoarder house junk

I went to this demo / hoarder house that is being torn down sometime tomorrow.  Just look at the  ' junk ' that I loaded into my suv.  It's times like this when I wish I had a box truck. 
When I see something that is or looks like ' junk ' , I get a vision of how I can bring it back and re-use it.
I was at this house for 2 - 3 hours , respirator , suit and all.  It was just like you see on that t.v  show hoarders.  I could not believe my eyes.  I don't have to go into detail just use your imagination.
Here is some of the ' junk ' that I got.

demo hoarder house junk old lamps

demo hoarder house junk antique lamp Tole ware
Tole ware antique lamp

demo hoarder house junk antique fireplace enclosure
antique fireplace enclosure

demo hoarder house junk Lenox china
Lenox china

demo hoarder house junk tea cup sets

Lots of tea cups and saucers

demo hoarder house junk china ware

I love the  Tole ware lamp and the fireplace front ,  it weighed a ton.  The candle holders and other lamps were also very heavy and different.  It was not easy getting through this house or even out the door.  I had to squeeze in sideways.  All the BIG items that I want won't get by into the hallway or doors from the mess that is waist high.  Literally had to climb and hold on .  The best pieces were the set of  Lenox china and all the other china pieces.  The antique lampshade frame is beautiful.  There is definitely some hidden gems in there.  I also got a 9 piece set of this really pretty light weight stemware crystal  glasses.  They are half the weight of Waterford. 
I will be going back there tomorrow for some more ' junk ' in between dropping toys off at that charity event for kids that I was telling you about that goes on up until Friday evening. 
I spent most of the night carefully cleaning the china and crystal.  I'll probably list it all on my Etsy shop for cheap.  I will be keeping the fireplace piece. I already have plans for that.   My suv is now loaded with toys for tomorrow.
It's going to rain Saturday so that's a wash and Sunday  my day is spent at the NFL Patriots game. It's the last game that we'll be going to for this season.
I can't let all that  good ' junk ' get crushed by the excavator and put into dumpsters.  Somebody may need a piece of china to complete their set if a piece cracked or chipped.
We ' ll see what I find tomorrow , so it looks like Monday I will take out the Christmas decorations and get busy all over again.  I just LOVE my little  ' junk ' runs.

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