December 22, 2013

Rusty Antique Garden Urns and Fountain

Last week while we were at our favorite garden center shopping for our Christmas tree , I fell in love with this old planter that was out by the front gate.  It turned out to be a 2 hour trip because I just kept finding one piece after another and visioned it in our garden.

Rusty Antique Garden Urns and Fountain

Let me show you some pieces that I was drooling over for my garden.

As we walked around I kept finding piece after piece that were wow factors.
Here are 2 rusty antique urns that were near the door. They were roughly 4 1/2 feet tall.  I visioned them on each side of my new old gates that I  got for a present.

Rusty iron Antique Garden Urns and Fountain

Rusty iron Antique Garden Urns and Fountain

One had more rust than the other. 
Here are the gates I got for an early Christmas present and these urns would look great right up there at the posts.

wrought iron garden gates

wrought iron post caps garden gates

We went inside to pay for our tree and there it was....the fountain.

antique garden fountain

He picked out the fountain and said it should go where the pond is near the dogwood trees.  We could move the pond once the addition is finished.  The woman working guessed the fountain was priced around 4-5 K. She gave us the name of the person to speak to, whom we already know.  My honey thinks we can get a discounted price since the fountain has a small crack on two of the tiers ( as you can see in pic ).  He does a lot of business here during the summer months and we already get a contractors discount.  I'm thinking maybe a birthday present to each other since our birthdays are so close together.

antique chandelier

As we were leaving , he had to drag me out of there , I asked if we could throw the chandy in too.
He just laughed. 

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