December 8, 2013

Pine Cone Christmas Tree for Den

We headed out early this morning to go to the Patriots game. We got home this evening and had some time to take some decorations out.  I started with this pine cone tree that I made a few years ago.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

This tree measures approx. 28 inches in height and 23 inches at the base.  It has mini decorations and lots of twinkle lights.  It's the perfect size for the den since the room is small in width.  I like to leave it on all night as a night light through the Holidays.  There's a pretty little angel with a harp for the top.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

I would love to make another one just a little bigger for next year , but with a new addition on the house starting soon ,  I won't have the room for it or the time.
It takes up quite a bit of storage space .  I could always start it in the fall of next year , we'll see.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

The pictures don't do this tree any justice no matter what light I try.
There's just something about pine cones and being able to bring nature in during this time of year.
I have an idea for my tree decorations this year and hopefully this week we will get our tree set up.
We  have been so busy lately with deadlines to meet , it has definitely been hectic around here.  I haven't unloaded all the ' junk ' that I got a  few days back from that demo house.  It's all still loaded in the trailer up at the shop.  You won't believe what I got... The question is...where am I going to put it all

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