July 24, 2016

Create curb appeal for your home

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Does your home lack curb appeal? It's the first thing people see when they visit or are just driving by. Is the front of your home warm and inviting?  There are hundreds of ways to spruce up your home's curb appeal. Many are inexpensive.

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I wanted to add some summer color to our curb appeal along the driveway. We do have some forsythia bushes along the driveway for instant spring color.  Here's an inexpensive idea using an old galvanized barrel and hydrangea bush and rocks. The bottom of the barrel got rusty and rotted.
I cut the rusty bottom off using tin snips.

home curb appeal eastcoaststyler.blogspot.com

I edged the area that I was going to be working in and removed any dead plants and grass. 

home curb appeal eastcoaststyler.blogspot.com

As you can see, our  long driveway is pea stone and very " green ". A pop of color in the summer where the driveway and yard opens up will tie it all together once it matures. 

home curb appeal eastcoaststyler.blogspot.com recycled barrel

I dug a hole and twisted the barrel into the ground. I added 10-10-10  fertilizer and planted the hydrangea.
When the mulch gets delivered, I will remove the rocks and cover over any exposed dirt.
Update: I had to add some dirt to cover more of the exposed barrel as this area of our yard get the late afternoon sun which is extremely hot. 

home curb appeal eastcoaststyler.blogspot.com

I placed the small bench that I made at the front of the house. 

home curb appeal eastcoaststyler.blogspot.com

We are finally nearing the end of our home addition with some finishing touches. Here are the boys prepping the area for a small patio and walkway.  It was a mud hole for months and it's the perfect weather to get this completed.

eastcoaststyler.blogspot.com curb appeal

We are burying the drain pipes for the gutters to divert the water away from the foundation and the walkway will be put in over the drainage pipe.  The pipe we used was 4 inch schedule 35.
Since we operate an excavating company and dump trucks, we are able to do most of this work ourselves.
Once the pipe is connected and buried, we will deliver the stone dust and layout the walkway and patio then compact it ourselves.
The patio and walkway will add to our curb appeal making our home more warm and inviting. An area to sit and relax, have a drink watching the birds and animals as they pass through.
As for today, we will be heading off  to the beach for some fun and relaxation during this heat wave we are having here in MA.

Just a note to let you know I will be back blogging weekly in mid-September. I've been busy with earning my designations with Real Estate. ABR and MRP and Quality Alumni certificate and having summer fun with our son before he heads off to first grade this fall.

Check back in for some finished projects and new walkway.

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