1,000 sq.ft. Home Addition

Here is an update on the 1,000 sq. ft. addition being added to our home finally.  It will feature a den, another kitchen with open concept into a parlor (livingroom), bedroom, a spa bathroom and area for laundry all on one level. A small porch will also be added to the front and rear entry.

The plans were submitted to the town and fire dept. for approval. We then measured and marked the layout and started to dig for the footings and foundation.

At this point the ground has already started to freeze and create frost.

This shows you how big the addition is going to be. The other side of the excavator bucket is where the outer wall ends.

We removed approx. 8 loads of loam and gave it to our neighbor who has horses for his coral.

Project mananger with the wheel barrow.

The foundation guys came and set up for the footings to be poured. It was very cold and windy on this day.

Once the footing were in we had to cover them with frost blankets so we could move on to pouring the foundation walls.

Footings are in and covered.

The foundation guys came back and setup for the walls to be poured.

The foundation walls and windows are in and the floor had to be covered with the frost blankets again as we are expecting ALOT of snow. They said a BLIZZARD is coming and it did.

Yes, we got over 2 feet of snow for the first Blizzard.  The project obviously had to stop. We are expecting another blizzard in a few days.

Fast forward...the foundation hole was completely covered in snow from the 8 plus feet of snow we got this winter. At one point, you wouldn't even know the foundation hole was there.
Over a  month later the bulk head and stairs came and was installed.

We had to bring the bobcat home for snow removal to get access to the other side of the project.

In the meantime, all the windows and the red oak hardwood flooring throughout the addition has been purchased. I still need to pick out flooring for the den which will be an entry way. I like the wide plank flooring. I'm searching for some reclaimed wood for this room for the rustic look and feel.
This is where our project has halted due to the harsh winter we've had.
NOTE: My mother decided to RUIN change the design plans on the roof line. Instead of the cathedral ceilings with windows, the ceilings are going to be approx. 8.5 feet. No beams, no open cathedral ceilings, no natural light...all to save  $10,000 in the budget.  Did I say RUIN, oh , I did already.

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