June 8, 2015

Hall Tree Bench Made from Pallet Wood

I finally finished making the entry way hall tree bench this past week. I have been wanting to make one for a very long time now.  It's been so hectic around here with the construction going on for the new addition. We are trying to move furniture from 2 rooms as the new addition gets tied into our home with beams, a door and window. There is just no more room to put anything during  this time. I did manage to complete some DIY projects that you can make too.

I kept changing the plans on this hall tree as I went along. It started out as just a sitting bench hall tree. On day 2, I thought I would use it for storage of some shoes and sneakers that clutter our doorway.

I made the sitting area longer and added a 24 inch piano hinge for the top to open. I had to add frame boards on the upper back half to balance out the bottom. Luckily, I had 2 very long heavy pallets out back that I cut the boards from to do this. You can see how the wood has weathered well.

I made 2 side crates to balance off the seat length that I could remove at anytime. It just makes it easier to move this piece around by myself if I have to. 

I can just slide those 2 side crates out now if I have to.

There is a slight slant to the ground here in front of garage door.

By adding the hinge for storage of shoes it will really clean up the entry way area.

On day 3, I decided to paint it for a Country Farmhouse look although I do like the raw rustic wood also.

I sanded it down to give it an old worn distressed look.

I was able to move this into the house alone in 3 pieces. I changed the hooks and added the old fashioned style hooks that just screw in instead. No tools required.

I even made this sign to attach to the top of the bench.

I screwed it in from the backside.

The lanterns are also easy to make. They make great nightlights. I can show you how to make them when things quiet down around here.

This is the perfect height for putting on shoes and boots. Those are some of my biker boots I would wear riding my Harley around town or trucking. 

I painted this last sign on day 4 (  I only spend an hour or 2 on each project per day ) for the finishing touch to this entry way hall tree.  It reads : double j farms with our logo.  It didn't take me long to fill it with shoes and sneakers.
All you need to make this is some old pallets, scrap 2 x 4's or 2 x 3's , screws, paint, a hinge and hooks. 
And as always, a little inspiration.

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