July 27, 2017

Spring Garden and the Final Stages of New Construction

Hi Everyone! Hope the summer is going well for y'all. I've been trying to catch up on our landscaping since I kind of neglected it last year with the construction finishing up. I haven't been creating any new projects as of yet since working in the garden. I recently got invited back to the Town's Apple Festival coming this September. The next few weeks I will be making things to sell at the festival..  I thought I would share with you my spring garden and some other projects we have going on.

This is part of  my perennial garden with a view from back deck and kitchen window. These are the spring colors and the same area changes with new colors in the summer. 
 We are rebuilding the back deck with all new boards.  We are replacing the 5/4 cedar boards to keep it original. It's more maintenance with using the cedar wood,but in the end it's so much nicer than the new deck boards they make. I prefer old school. It smells really good too.

The grape vine is coming in good since I cut it way back. It should be a good year to make some Concord jelly.

This is a rhododendron over one of the ponds.

Isn't this so pretty? The sound of the water splashing is so tranquil and relaxing.

 The birds,chipmunks,squirrels,turkeys,frogs,snakes,deer and whatever else passes through enjoys it just as much as we do.

The pallet fence and gate is still holding up after all these years. The antique wrought iron arbor I received as a present. I know it was very pricey. It's one of those pieces that you dream about having until you see the price tag.  The white lace flower vine is loving it too.

This little boy is one of my favorite garden statues.  He's starting to age now.  In the spring he's surrounded by purple flowers and pinks.  In the summer, the colors change to yellows.

The haunted black bird house. No birds have ever lived here and it's probably because it's facing the west.

This weekend I will show you why you need to plant in bulk. The prettiest gardens are planted in bulk for that dramatic effect. Instead of buying one or two little plants, buy the whole flat of plants.  My perennials are mature now and are at the point of having to be separated which will create a whole new garden area. This year I will prune all my bushes,shrubs and trees. I've already planted weeping cherry trees, peach trees, more pear trees. I'm still waiting for the black fruit bearing mulberry tree to be delivered. To me, the fruit from the mulberry tree is like a healing super food.  A friend of mine has 2 very old mulberry trees on their property that I sold them last year. They didn't know about mulberries.
We laid out the tarp and shook the berries off the trees. Rinse them and freeze them for your smoothie.
My grandmother would say don't eat the fruit on the ground because it will have a worm in it. If it has a worm,eat around it.  If you don't see a worm, then you already ate it. 

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