February 23, 2017

Inspirational DIY ideas

I took some time off from blogging busy with real estate and new classes .  I'm back.  We are on school vacation this week. Here are some projects I finally completed and sold through the local auction house.

DIY wood craft projects

I came across some wooden crates- boxes that were being given away for free. They were used for clothing storage.  We took our trailer to the warehouse and loaded up as many as we could safely get on the trailer and in the  back of the pickup truck.

DIY Wooden crates

This is just a few of them.   I put the rest up over the hill to get weathered for future projects and some inside one of the sheds.  I dismantled a couple of them to make some painted signs. I also decorated one  for firewood storage for near our wood stove. 

crate firewood

I used a permanent black marker instead of paint.  I can put some firewood in here near the wood stove. 
I used a random zip code for the crate.

wooden firewood storage crate

This box has side handles I made with rope. I was going to put some small wheels on the bottom, but I ran out of time.

route 66 main street box

I forgot to paint the dot in the  i  in Main when I took this picture.  I did fix it after I took the picture.

wooden box rope handles route 66

Some of the crates I used to make these signs and some into smaller crates.

chippy shabby chic paint door

This is one of my favorite DIY's that I completed. I took an old door that was in the yard for a few months. The paint started to peel and look really chippy and shabby chic.  When you are working with peeling paint, it is best to lightly scrape and sand to remove the loose pieces of paint. If you don't remove the loose paint, it will make a mess. Cut the door down the middle. I left the old rusty door knob in place.  Used 'L' brackets and long screws to hold the 2 pieces together.   Take some plywood to make the shelves and paint them to match the peeling door paint. The picture doesn't show it well, but there is at least 5 different colors of paint on here.  It's a technique that I learned just messing around and not trying to be perfect.  I had multiple requests to make more.  I do have 3 more doors over the hill and I could make some more in the spring. 
I added the painted mason jar with the flowers when I had it for sale. 
Since I got some new tools for Christmas, I will be very busy this Spring with lots of new ideas and projects. See you then.

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