January 15, 2014

Bathroom re-do

Hello Everyone. It was starting to look like one of our 1/2 bathroom was turning into the new location for our newspaper recycling. Newspapers on the floor and trucker magazines always needed to be picked up for the simple task of cleaning until I bumped my head on the sink while I was picking them up.

That 's when I decided to re-do the bathroom.
It was over the holidays that I tackled this project. The bathroom is a 1/2 half bath on the first floor and seems to get the most traffic. It's very small with no cabinets for storage space. I had some pieces of furniture down in the basement storage area that I thought would solve this problem.

They seem to fit nicely in the space so I painted both pieces with homemade chalk paint and distressed them. You can view that in previous post. 
This year I am simplifying the house and making it easier and less clutter. It will make cleaning / dusting a lot faster and easier with less things all around the house. I happen to be the " maid " in this household.

I sanded and distressed both pieces.

I've added some storage space for hair dryer , brushes and etc. Let's not forget the magazine rack for all the newspapers and truck mags. Driving a truck for 28 years , I can't stand anything at my feet especially for safety reasons. I have some friends that have " stuff " on the floor of their cars / trucks and it drives me crazy. 

Nice and neat and easy to clean.

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