January 29, 2014

Storage Cabinet made from salvaged scrap wood and old window

Hello Everyone. It's been awhile since I have posted anything new and I apologize .  I have been busy creating new storage spaces for our home.

This is what I created from this pile of wood that was suppose to be cut up for firewood for second wood stove.

I started out with some wood from this pile and an old window.
I boxed in the window and used all 2 x 6's for this which makes it very heavy to move around.
I added 2 shelves on the inside to hold all my kitchen mixers , glass mixing bowls , choppers and juicer.
They all take up prime space in my small kitchen so I decided to make one location for them in the den.

I used different sanders to mark up the wood to give it  more of a rough look since it already had some nail holes. The wood came from a house demo and would of ended up in a dumpster.

I spray painted it black . This was just the first coat and still wet that's why it looks so shiny.
I added some wooden flower pieces for some decoration.

I added a vintage hook to the side and some mini clay flower pots with some twine. I also painted the glass on the window so you can't see what is inside.

I added these pieces of mitered wood to the bottom of cabinet.
Here it is finished. This picture does not do it any justice. The cabinet not only makes for some much needed storage but it also raised the tv up to a better viewing level.
Here is  the space before and after.

Since this project , I also made a cabinet for the electric fireplace with storage and I am currently making bookcases  ( built - ins ) on each side of the fireplace. I will show you them when I finish.

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