June 6, 2014

Painted Signs for Shed

Hello Everyone. Glad it's friday. My list of  to-do projects grows everyday and we're already into June. Most of my other projects should of been completed weeks ago.  Since it's been raining every other day this past week, I decided to make some painted signs for one of my sheds.

Painted Signs for Shed

I took out my cricut and cut out some letters from a  cheap $2 roll of contact paper I bought at a thrift store.
Luckily, I always seem to bring home scrap wood at the right time for projects that I want to do.  The wood used for the antique sign came from a shelf that was in a Sears Roebuck kit house that we are tearing down. I will show you a new post on that house.

Painted Signs for Shed stencils

I painted the wood with white paint first because I wanted white letters for this sign.   I cut out and applied the letters and used painters tape for a border around the sign. I then spray painted the whole sign with black spray paint that I bought at walmart for  $.98.
While that sign was drying,  I made 2 other small signs for the same shed.

Painted Signs for Shed

Painted Signs for Shed

Oops... forgot to flip this pic. 
Once they all dried I screwed them into the shed.

Painted Signs for Shed

Painted Signs for Shed

I like the look of the shed much better with the signs I just made.

Painted Signs for Shed Garden

This is the side view that I use to get in and out of my shed.  If the inside of your shed is anything like mine, then it's loaded to the doors with " stuff " . That's a whole other project....

Painted Signs for Shed Garden nautical

This is the front view. I built that ramp myself when I first got the shed and now after 8 years the lower half (not shown in pics) needs some boards replaced.  It's not high on my list of priorities. 
Since it was raining all day yesterday and having to go to some afternoon appointments, I picked up some old windows from Craigslist. 
I want to remove the two windows from this side of the shed and use them in another area.

Painted Signs for Shed Garden nautical windows

A truck showed up with 2 more yards of mulch in which I needed ,  but I wasn't expecting it to be delivered this soon.

gardening mulch

2 yards

garden hostas plants

another load of hostas

garden annuals plants


garden hostas plants

more hostas to plant

I got a bunch of hostas and flowers that still need to be planted.  As you can see I have my work cut out for me besides finishing the paint job on the house. I decided to wait until our son is out of school for the summer to finish it.
I got another door to replace on the front of the house but  nervous about cutting the holes out for the locks , door knob and hinges.  I don't want to ruin the door if  I make a slight mistake.  I'm putting it off for now.

front door glass

This door will add much needed natural light into the den. The sun has damaged the door we have there now.  The frame around the window on the door has lifted  ( the seal ) and it is driving me crazy every time I look at it. 

I'm still trying to figure out a place to put my tree ring bench that he brought home last week from the Sears Roebuck house.

antique tree ring bench seat

antique tree ring bench seat

I have the perfect tree that this bench would fit around in the middle of the back yard,  but unfortunately, it's the only tree marked for removal to build the new addition.
 I'm also looking for a spot in the yard for the  2 adirondack chairs and bench/table.  I got over the weekend. I decided not to paint them and just leave them the mint green color that they are.  I think the mint green will stand out nicely since our lawn is a nice dark green color.  If I lived on the beach then I would definitely paint them white.

adirondack chairs bench table garden

If you don't hear from me for a few days, I will be working on my long list of projects and probably adding a whole bunch more...

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