April 19, 2014

Painting and Staining Exterior of House , Doors and Windows

I started a major project 2 weeks ago. I never really liked the color of our garage door , windows and accent so I'm redoing all of it before the new addition construction begins. Late Fall of last year we started to stain the cedar siding , of course, it started to snow and got really cold so I am now finishing up where we left off. This is how it looks with the cedar siding finished and the white doors and windows will be painted in the new colors I picked.

Here are the colors that we decided to go with.

As shown in this picture, the all the colors are Sherwin William. The body is Cedar Bark ( only part of the house will be this color) The trim color is Shade Tree and the accent color shown is Black Emerald.

 I painted the accent color ( shown above) on the door window and we decided it was too emerald so switched it out for black instead. The shade tree green looks great next to the cedar siding and changes the whole look of the house. I wish I did this color combo long ago.

This is a sample picture from Sherwin Williams to give you an idea on what it will look like once it's finished.

This is the color of the garage door that I do NOT like at all. The style of our home is I would say Contemporary Cape. The cape side is also the same color as the garage door. I'm so glad to see that color slowly go away.

With the help of a painter, I should have the front and back completed by friday. I'm not going to do the right side of house as the addition is going to be added to that side. The electrician is coming thursday to move and add some outdoor flood lighting.

My off time from painting, I am edging the flower beds and had 5 yards of mulch delivered to start with. We always end up needing more mulch as I'm always changing the landscape around year after year. Great landscaping is lots of time and money, but it's beauty is worth it.

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