March 12, 2014

Old Picture Frame and Chicken Wire Art

Ever wonder what to do with old picture frames that have no glass?  Try adding some chicken wire to the back of the frame to hang pictures or accent another piece of art.  The projects are endless and you also get to recycle the old frame instead of tossing it.


It's so easy to do. I cut a piece of chicken wire and stapled it to the back of the frame. It's that simple.You can leave the chicken wire shiny, rusty or paint it. I painted this frame and chicken wire black as I'm placing it on a light colored wall to show more of the detail.
I attached the cement cross to the chicken wire with some craft wire. It's that simple.

The frame and chicken wire gives the cross a new different look. You can add different things to a frame like this, I using the cross because I wanted it to stand out more.

Next time you have an old frame with no glass , save it and create something new with it. Especially if the frame is wood and decorative.

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