May 17, 2014

Garden Ponds

Happy Weekend. I haven't been posting much lately. Sorry . Busy with a million projects and still painting the house. Lots of rain or it's too hot. Changing a lot of things around the yard this year. Rebuilding the vegetable garden fence and getting ready to plant some veggies. Not to mention , doing firewood, still mulching, making a potting bench, baseball, school activities, and chasing a woodchuck that is making a mess of our yard.
I did manage to get the garden ponds up and running and made a couple of bird houses.

garden ponds diy
front yard pond

I removed the bushes from the wine barrels and completely removed the wine barrels from the pond area to another location.This pond is located at the front of the house.  I'm going for a cleaner look this year in the yard. Of course, one of the barrels was so rotted it fell apart as I was moving it. Luckily,  I had a spare one on hand for the new location , in which I need 2 for that area. I saved the old rusty bands from around the wine barrel. I think I can make something of them.

This is the pond area last year. I'm also changing the lighting .

Here is the the cleaner look this year. I planted grass where the wine barrels were located. You can see where the grass has  already grown in from the color. It looks bare right now from these pictures but in another month , I will show you why I cleaned up the area.

I moved the wine barrels over here to each end of the fence. There are two azaleas  and a forsythia bush here to the right which has already bloomed. The rain has ruined some nice pictures I could of had taken.

I moved the white azaleas over here next to the cypress tree.

Here is the backyard pond which can be seen and heard from the deck. We are adding a cascading waterfall this year since it got started last year and we never finished it. 

backyard pond diy
backyard pond

A large rhododendron bush hangs over and I planted pampas grass to the other side with large elephant ears. None of which has bloomed yet. This is all the pre - season work that I do for the yard to get it going. I'm still mulching by the way. I'll  need another load delivered. Firewood has already started in which I'm not happy about. It delays all my other projects that I have already started. I asked him to take a break for a couple of weeks so I can complete my unfinished projects.  

School and baseball will be ending soon and that's when I can go nuts with getting most of it  finished.

I added some birdhouses to the vegetable garden area. i made them out of some scrap wood.  The birdhouse is not mounted crooked, it's me. Next time I should probably hold the camera straight. 

I painted it black and blue for a different look. 

For this one,  I added branches and twigs and an old antique bed spring to the top. Next time I'll try to snap a picture of a bird sitting up there.
As for painting the house, I got a brainstorm of an idea to change the whole look of our house and curb appeal. it started with 3 custom made brackets. You will see.  It just never seems to end,  does it ?

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