February 16, 2014

Rustic and Rusty Hearts

Hello . While it was snowing heavily the other day , I was dreading to have to go outside to snow blow ,  shovel , and roof rake again, I decided to sit and watch the  snow from the window. I made a strong cup of coffee and sat at the table to make some hearts. I added an old chippy painted window to the wall and it needed some accents.

I had a box full of old nails that I removed from a pile of reclaimed wood so I turned them into a heart.
I just hot glued them onto a piece of cardboard. 

For this heart I just unraveled some twine and glued that to another heart shaped piece of cardboard.

I also made a couple of moss hearts.

I like the look of the moss paired with a grapevine wreath.
Greenery is like the icing on a cake.

I attached the hearts to the window instead of using photos which you see often.

This one thing to do with the old rusty nails lying around.
About the snow , we got about 12 inches and it was not fun this time around. We have been getting snow just about twice a week and it's been over 10 inches each time.

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