February 20, 2014

Snow, Snow Go Away !

It seems like it's been snowing here in MA every 3rd day. I don't mind the snow since I love being outdoors all year , but it's the clean up that is the downside. It takes  me approx. 7-8 hours to clean up around our property. I have to snow blow driveway which is roughly 150'. It's a lot of shoveling and after a total of 50 +  inches this season , it's safe to say I quit.

If it snows again , we are just going to have to track through it because I am not lifting the shovel again until I'm in my garden planting vegetables.

Here are some pics of what it looks like at my house when it snows.

Our dog Bailey loves the snow
He doesn't mind rolling in the snow and tracking it in the house not to mention his hair gets all knotted up.


What do I do when it snows ? I jump in the SUV and take a drive. That's what I do. I'm a professional truck driver and driving a tractor trailer in this weather for 30 years so jumping in my suv during a storm for a drive is fun for me.  I Love it and love driving.
This is a main street in town which looks like the plows have just started to come out.

This is my street. It looks so pretty when it's snowing.

This is my Honey and our 4 yr old in his truck on his way to plow for the Highway. I let our son take the ride to the Pit and I follow behind them. I pick him up so dad can work without any distractions. You can see the side wing sticking out to the right of his truck. You need 4 eyes to drive this.

I see friends are out with their plows along the way.

Up on route 93 south on the way to the State Pit the next town over.

 This is the State Pit where I pickup our son who is sitting in dad's double-wing plow truck. You can't see him but he is in there.
I feel for all of you down south who don't have the amount of equipment to clear the roads like we do up here in MA.
I can say that my arms and shoulders are all jacked up this winter. Cleaning the snow off the roof with a four stage roof rake has not been fun for me this year. But somebody's got to do it.

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