February 20, 2014

Bathroom floor tile in Black

I'm almost finished with bathroom no. 2,  which is another 1/2 bath in our home. It's more for our son to use because it's the closest one to his room. I wasn't sure of using black tile in a bathroom , but I honestly love it now. Most people  tend to choose lighter and neutral shades of color to play it safe, but I took a walk over to the darker side and it looks great.
Bathroom floor tile

I used an old wooden box for the shelf and some odd nuts for washers. The decorations on the shelf are just temporary to take these pictures. I haven't decided what to actually put there yet.

The metal fish I bought a couple years ago at Home Goods and just got around to hanging them in here. I wasn't sure which bathroom I wanted to display them.

Since I have a large collection (30 yrs worth ) of Marilyn Monroe, you will see random pictures of her used through out my home. My last house was large enough ( 13 rooms) to have my own MM room where I displayed my collection.

The mirror is one of my favorites. The mixed color of metals really goes well together and also  pairs up nice with the brass faucet which is aging well.

This is the only vanity in our home as the other sinks are all pedestal.  The dark wood of the vanity goes nicely with the black floor tiles.

The spot on this picture is from the lense of the camera. I just noticed it, sorry.

The second floor level the ceilings are cathedral and the tops of the walls open up into other rooms .There are skylights with remote control , fixed skylights, and skylights that open manually. It's all about the natural light. I guess natural light and open concept is the best way to describe  the ceilings. I think the ceiling height is approx. 16' in this bathroom , it could be a little higher.

 This is my carousel horse that I've had since the early 80's when I started to do craft shows and was still in high school. Those are the exact colors that I was into back in my younger years. It's funny how your style changes throughout the years. I can't seem to part with this horse so it sits upon the linen closet in this bathroom. I  still need to place the antique Radio Flyer Scooter just across from this horse on the wall, but the ladders are buried out in the shed with 2' of snow blocking the door.

I'm trying to make some of this space fun to see since our son will now be using this bathroom. He wants me to keep the MM picture on the wall. I laugh because some of her pictures that he has seen he has asked me what I was doing in the picture mistaking her for me. It's the hair color.

The skylights are above to the left in which you can see the natural light reflecting off the ceiling..
                                               So what do you think of  the black floor tiles ?

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