May 5, 2014

A Day of Horse Racing

Hello  Since it's Kentucky Derby weekend , I thought I'd show you what a day of racing looks like here at Suffolk Downs Massachusetts. I stopped by to visit my old boss and to see his horses and one of them race.
My family also had race horses at Suffolk Downs for many years.  I remember hanging out at the race track as a kid all day saturday and  running up to the window to put in bets for my grandfather. I felt like a big shot betting $50's  even though it was his money. I remember my grandmother yelling at him when we got home because he came home broke, well at least that's what she thought. It brought back memories when I stopped by to visit my old boss Randy.

I started to drive a tractor trailer for Randy when I was 18 and fresh out of high school. I drove his trucks for 13 years and then he gave me the chance to branch out on my own.
One of his  horses were racing so I spent the day and brought my best friend along.

 This is the horse that is  racing.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Reminds me of the movie Seabiscuit , one of my favorites. He walks the horse around and talks to him before the race.

 If I recall , I think Randy has 5 horses here and 2 of them are just new to racing and the other three were younger and not ready to race yet.

 Here is the horse that I came to see race.

 It was such a beautiful day. I remember every year my family would rent 2 Greyhound buses and all the guys ( my dad, uncles and friends) would all pack their coolers with beers waiting outside my family's restaurant for the buses and head up to Saratoga NY for the races. I always wanted to go but I was too little and I was a girl. My grandfather's brother also had race horses down in Hialeah FL .  So horse racing is in the family.

 Here are some of the other horses.

This girl shown in the pink shirt is a trainer. Randy said she is unbelievable with the horses and has a lot of wins. Way to go girl.

Randy's horse.

A Jockey waiting. My aunt's brother Timmy was a jockey at Sufffolk. 

Getting ready 

                                                                 And they're off...

                                                                  After the race
The # 4 horse won ( with the girl trainer)
Randy's Horse came in second. Sorry, I couldn't remember all the horses names.

 Looks like he got some dirt in his right eye.

                         Now that's what I call a good day at the races. The horses are just so beautiful.
                    And to think they want to put in a casino at Suffolk Downs and end the horse racing. ..

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