April 9, 2015

Old door for my garden from Mansion Demo

I had a chance to pick through a mansion built in the late 1800's before we demoulished it. The mansion was located an hour away from my house so I was limited to how much stuff  I could load on the trailer and the back of the pickup truck.

old door for garden
Carriage House of  Mansion Demo

I made 2-3 full loads of stuff . I could of loaded my tractor trailer with the stuff I really wanted to take but we were limited with time and a place to store it all.  I would of loved to have that carriage house added to my house. It was way too big, my house would of looked lost next to it. This carriage house was built in proportion to the 7300 sq.ft. mansion we were tearing down.

old door for garden mansion

The carriage house is attached to the left and not pictured here.

old door for garden
carriage house

Here is one of the doors I salvaged from this mansion. I left all the hardware on it and stuck it in my garden.

this is what it looked like when I first placed it in my garden

It's been in my garden for 2 years and finally starting to fall apart. It's time to replace it with another one. I think I have another door from a different demo job.

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