November 6, 2013

Wooden Crate storage

We use 2 wood stoves to heat our home.

Convenient and Easy storage is a must.
If you use a wood stove or fireplace then you know it can get messy in that area from the wood.
I had these 2 wooden crates/boxes out in the shed.

The smaller crate will now hold the kindling and the larger crate will hold enough wood for the night for this stove.

I cut this crate in half with my chain saw and added wheels to the bottom and added a cover.  This crate we can wheel right into the garage and fill with larger wood for the other stove.  It will be nice to not have to run outside in the cold for some wood.

I cut, split and stack all our firewood.  I got this chain saw as part of my christmas present last year.  Cool, huh?  I was afraid to use it at first but after getting some experience with it with some small logs it's not so bad.  I wear my steel toe logger boots.

I hung a star that I spray painted black and then roughed it up and the galvanized can I picked up at T.J.maxx will now hold our matches and firestarter sticks.

Now it will be alot easier and organized around this stove.

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