November 18, 2013

Making Room for Christmas/Recycling Toys

Hello Everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend.   I spent the whole day removing all the leaves from the deck , flower beds and backyard on saturday.  The weather was too beautiful to be indoors.  I started in the morning and spent the whole day and into the night on sunday making room for Christmas. When you have a toddler , timing is everything.

recycle toys
It was my lucky day. I was able to go around to each room and pick thru and collect all these toys without a fuss. I could of did all this while he was at school, but I think this is a great way of teaching him about giving and receiving.  He understood perfectly. It looks like I went to town , but trust me this is just a small dent. It turned out to actually be really fun.
My son played with some of these toys for the last time and it was fun watching him and sad at the same time to see he is growing up as we all want to keep them in this adorable age forever.
There is a local holiday event coming up in which you consign toys. If it sells you keep 50% of the sale and if it doesn't sell, the toys will go to Cradles and Crayons for children who are less fortunate. This will be our first time participating in this event.  Every child should have toys especially at Christmas time. I'm still putting labels on them today as I wanted to clean them up a bit before giving them away.

It turned out to be a bigger project than I anticipated but it certainly is worth it seeing them go to such a great cause. I was feeling overwhelmed when all the toys we in one spot and to think they were all throughout the house and how much there really is. The room is still filled since the event isn't until after Thanksgiving,  but I'm really looking forward to all the extra space we are going to have. It turned out pretty sweet !

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