November 25, 2013

Holiday Wreaths as a way to say ' thanks '

A month ago I met this wonderful woman named Kim. She collect these beautiful pinecones , thistle , and eucalyptus pods a few years back in California and Colorado and was saving them in her garage. She wanted to make ' something ' with them someday. Well she never got around to it and passed them onto me. There were bags and boxes of them.  I was thrilled because the pinecones were so different from the pinecones here in Massachusetts. I made a promise to her that I would make her a gift with the pinecones, etc.  I wondered for a couple of weeks what could I create for Kim that would be a wonderful gift as way to say ' thanks '.  I had come up with so many ideas that I could do with the pinecones , but not knowing her style or what her house looked like on the inside it came down to making a wreath for her front door for her home.
pinecone holiday door wreath ribbon

I wanted to make something that she could have for the years to come.  She can easily change the bow to give a it a fresh look year after year.
I'm on my way to deliver it to her, along with a second wreath of ribbon and door knob bells.

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I will take pictures of it on Kim's door and show them when I get back home.  I'm a little sluggish today because last night we went to NFL patriots game and boy,  it was colder than cold.  It was around 6 degress with the windchill.  The wind was just going thru me.  We definitely dressed properly but it didn't matter.

This is what we do for fun. We have one more game to go to for this season.  I just hope it's not as cold as last night.  There's something about the air at 1 am that just makes it feel colder when you're already freezing. My camera was freezing up so that's all I took for pictures.  Needless to say, it was a great night despite freezing out feet off. I will show a tutorial of how I made the wreaths in another post when I get back home from Kim's.

ribbon door wreath

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