November 20, 2013


While I was staining and painting the house , it was hard not to notice some of my outside decorations weren't looking so good. I thought I would clean them up a bit and add to the frames.

I had a bundle of oak flooring pieces and decided to add to the frames and give them a  chunky look.  I cut 4 pieces on my miter saw at 45 degree angle. I attached them together with some liquid nails and my nail gun to make a frame.

I  sanded the frame to clean it up a bit since the wood has been outside. I added some dark stain to the areas that I wanted to show thru after I painted. Once the stain dried , I put some vaseline on the stained areas and spray painted the whole frame in white. While the white paint was still tacky  , I took a flat screwdriver and scaped the areas where the vaseline was to show the dark stain.

I put that aside to let it dry completely. I thought I would freshen up the other frame and wreath. The moss and wreath on this frame were looking faded and sun bleached.  Instead of changing the moss, I thought I would spray paint it.

I even sprayed the wreath with some brown spray paint . When everything was dry I put it all together. I attached the larger frame to the smaller one with the wreath and moss with my nail gun.

Here is a before and after picture.  I hung it back on the house and now it has a ' chunky ' and cleaner look.

The spray painted moss actually looks really good and it will probably last longer and not fade as fast.

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