November 14, 2013

Recycled Cabinet Door

I take trips to the local Restore often to see what has changed since my last visit. I often find myself leaving there with ' stuff ' and later asking myself " what am I going to do with this? " I got a plain old cabinet door for $5. I didn't need it for anything and didn't even know why I bought it. Maybe because I thought it was a good deal. It was hanging around in my garage (place where I create) and 4yr old son said to me " Mom, look what I did with the pencil ! " He wrote all over my new $ 5 cabinet door which would now need to be painted since he was bearing down on the pencil.

Here's the cabinet door. I didn't have much scrap wood in my pile and now I was in the mood to do something with the cabinet door. I looked around the yard and there it was...a section of fence. I wish now that I didn't use that section of fence because we need it for the yard but it's too late.
I took out the sawzall and started to take the fence apart. I had to be quick and hide the " evidence " before he came from work. I chopped that section of fence up like there was no tomorrow, I didn't even make a rough drawing of my cabinet plan. I just went with it. I  cut the pickets down for my shelving on the inside. I added hardware and painted it and scraped the wet paint for a distressed look.

The hardware was in the garage, not what I really wanted to use but I didn't have time. I just grabbed whatever. The paint was still damp as I dragged it in the house and set it in place. It didn't look bad and I was already thinking about what stuff I was going to load up in there. I headed back out to the garage to clean up my mess and my honey already standing there and asked where is the rest of the fence and what are you doing now? Ha Ha That piece of fence is now in the house and don't ask, it's a long story. He went in and saw the cabinet and said, " don't tell me that's the fence panel. " All I could do was laugh and he said, " it looks good " As he left for work the next morning, he mentioned to me to leave the rest of the fence panels alone.

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