February 1, 2016

Kitchen Clock transformation using Fabric Sample

Hello Everyone,  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying this much warmer weather. During my mom's move a couple month's ago, her favorite kitchen clock broke. She had the face of the clock propped up on her counter. Her way of salvage is different than mine.  It looked broken and was sitting sideways. She refused to throw it away. I took it and gave it a quick makeover.

kitchen clock salvage wood fabric samples

This is what she had propped up. You could hear the ticking of the clock,  but you had to scan your eyes around the room  to see it.

salvage recycle fabric clock
                                                      sorry  for the blurry picture

Awhile back I received a stack of fabric sample books from a friend. I cut out  a piece from one of the books that had a fruit and  kitchen theme. I traced the back of the clock onto a scrap piece of plywood and cut a hole for the back of the clock to fit through.

This is what I ended up with. I used my hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the wood. Cut the fabric out of the hole leaving 3/4 inch edge to fold over,  glue to cover the wood .

I glued the face of the clock through the cut hole and added some corded rope trim around the face of the clock to blend it in.

I was going to make a wood frame around the outside to hang it on the wall.
She didn't want to hang it, she wanted to stand it upright like it was before.

 I cut some scrap pieces of wood for the base and painted them with Providence Olive shown on wall here.
I used my nail gun to attach the pieces for the base.

Excuse me as I didn't have time to stage this finished piece. It was during the busy Holidays when I made this.

kitchen fabric recycled wood

                                                    Now my Mom can enjoy her favorite clock again.

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