August 12, 2015

New Construction Update 3

Hello Everyone ! Although our new addition construction is past the half way mark,  I thought I would continue to show you the steps taken along the way.
I've been working, shopping, painting and moving things around here trying to live through this construction project. Contractors are coming and going. It can be hectic some days. Here's a sneak peak of the front porch. Yes, we did all the staining and painting ourselves. It's more sweat equity we put into this project to save money.

The porch is vertical tongue and groove cedar, fir on the railings and 1 x 6 tongue and groove bead board on the ceiling. It's not the sheet panels.
It looks great, doesn't it?

The porch ceiling with recessed lighting.

The railing is fir and cedar I do believe.  I love the porch attached to the chimney. It's a great background for decorating.

 We even added outside electrical. We were always needing that outside electrical for one thing or another. This will help save us from using an extra hundred foot electrical cord to use tools out in the yard.  I'm thinking little Christmas tree with lights on the porch.
There's your sneak peak of the finished front porch that opens into our new den.  Here on the east coast, we actually call it a breezeway or a four season room.

This is the door to the main house from the breezeway.  Notice the original ship lap boards that I am keeping as my inside wall.  Yes, we are living with a drop cloth for a door.
There has to be someone here during the day while construction is going on since we can't lock out any contractors at this time. It is definitely an inconvenience for me and my son.

 The inside walls are up, the electrical is in and the plumbing is in. Got an inspection.

Laundry room

We have a lovely throne in our yard.

We also have a lovely green dumpster. I can't wait until they are both gone.
I must say, the builder is very good, I've been dumpster diving for wood for my projects and there's hardly any waste. It's been the same dumpster just sitting here. The bulk of the waste is going to come from the cardboard from the new appliances.
The roof is framed and on.

The roofers came and put the roof on with 6 feet of snow and ice shield. They completed it in 3 hours and even had breakfast in my driveway before they started.

We had the main house roof stripped 2 years ago so it's all going to match nicely.

Roof over 3rd bedroom and closet.

Roof over the breezeway that connects everything to the main house.

They did a great job with the lead around the chimney. It looks neat and clean.

We dug a trench for the pipe to connect into our septic tank. Yes, it was more sweat equity. We set the pipe and connected it ourselves. Sewer , septic, water, excavating , tear downs and trucking, snow plowing is my other half's business. My business is my own trucking company and I also do real estate part time.

We had  a hole bored into the foundation for the pipe hook-up.

This is where we connected into the septic tank. It all had to be graded with the right elevations which we did ourselves.

Of course, I  got stuck back filling the trench myself.  I also ran out of dirt because I removed all the rocks that were in the trench.  We still have to grade the backyard, around the side and out the front once the dumpster is gone. My beautiful lawn is ruined out in the back yard. You can also see some of the siding is up out the back.
There you have it.
I've been  making a lot of  things  for the upcoming Craft Fair in town Sept. 19th , I think is the date. In the meantime, the construction is moving along, getting ready for the fair, vacation, and back to school. It's very busy around here. I'm even trying to squeeze in time for the gym. I've been slacking by not going to the gym.
Thanks for stopping by. I will post weekly, I promise.

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