October 30, 2013

Haunted Mansion junky picks

Haunted Mansion finds:

Look at the old wainscoting on the wall and the checker board tile on the floor. I bet this house was really nice back in the day.

Here is some of the "junk" I managed to get home after a couple of pickup truck and trailer loads.

Antique bed, I grabbed both of them

There were 2 pedestal sinks and 2 twin beds, doors, shelves, galvanized buckets and barrels.Galvanized chicken feeders, old style flat piano. All the old gardening and farming tools. A little too much to take it all with no place to store it. Chairs , furniture, heavy mirrors and so on. This house had a 12 foot elevator that went from the second floor to the attic, which was like another floor because the ceilings were so high. It was really overwhelming yet exciting,  but I still had the fear of some paranormal activity in the back of my mind. So I grabbed what I could.

Nice antique sign

This is a view of the 1st floor of the carriage house. Homeless people kept breaking in and living here as you can see from the mess.

Back view of the house. The carriage house is to the right of this picture but couldn't get it in this shot. The carriage house construction was beautiful. The post beam timber framing with no nail holes in any of the posts. The plank wood flooring, ceiling wood, doors  were salvageable, but we couldn't get anyone down the east coast to dismantle it for another location. 
We took this Mansion down with over 30 tractor-trailer loads.
Note: Every new flashlight we bought, as soon as we entered the basement, all the flashlights would lose their charge. The big 2 mil. candle watt power flashlights and maglight that you can charge, same thing happened, something creepy about the basement....

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