May 18, 2015

Spring 2015 Garden Bloom

It's been very busy around here. I'd like to share a small portion of  my spring garden in bloom.  I've been trying to get my garden flower beds edged and 5 yards of mulch spread out before the construction crew arrives.  We had a damaging winter  especially for delicate shrubs , young trees and flowering bushes. Lots of clean up and repair.

When planting your garden beds, try to plant flowers , bushes and trees  for color in both Spring and Summer.

Area behind house

View from the back deck

I will share with you some areas from different angles to give you a better idea on how much  work   my garden is.

purple creeping flox edges purple creeping myrtle and peonies with striped ornamental spreading grass

View left as you come up driveway

View leaving driveway
flowering pear trees tulips sedum daisies and pansies

front of house

from my parking spot

creeping phlox and pink azalea blue river rock and blue juniper with hostas purple and yellow bearded iris

gift from my mom

rhododendrons, japanese red maple tree, ornamental striped grass  creeping myrtle ( lots of creeping myrtle )


hydraneas, azaleas, fruit cherry tree, clump river birch trees hostas and boxwood

a deformed flowering cherry tree that I don't have the heart to cut down

view from back deck
unfinished pond and rhododendron and lilacs
the ornamental grasses won't come up until the summer

Grapevine and azaleas

view from back deck
late spring summer perennial garden area

further out from house
Stay tuned for the vegetable garden and updates on the construction of  home addition.

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