May 27, 2015

New Construction Home addition update Foundation floor

I'd like to share with you an update on the construction of our home addition.  It's moving along pretty good now.
A vapor barrier was placed on the floor and 10 yards of concrete was poured for the basement flooring.
This is Charlie, he is doing the concrete floor.  Our 5 year old made sure Charlie knew that he was the project manager on this job.  We will probably never see Charlie again after today. Our son watched out the window and moved Charlie right along. 

At this point of the construction,  we have already saved alot of money by laying out the foundation, excavating it and removing all the fill and backfilling the foundation walls ourselves.

The concrete floor is approximately 4 - 6 inches thick.

 This little machine was useful in smoothing out the concrete.

Once the concrete dried over the weekend, I painted the floor and some of the walls with garage floor paint in a light gray color.

This is the concrete dried. As you can see it's not too pretty at this point.

You can definitely see the difference the paint makes. The window is going to be cut out and replaced with a door to access this section of the basement other than the bulk head.

Why is it when you start to paint,  it starts to rain?

I also painted the bulk head green to match the trim color of the house. The lumber for the deck and walls has already been delivered.
Stay tuned for more updates. Once the builder arrives, this project will move very quickly.

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