December 20, 2014

Backyard Playhouse Shed made with Recycled Wood

I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at  what I was working on this past summer for our 5 yr old son.  I started to build  an  8 x 10 shed playhouse for him from recycled wood.  It is still under construction and I plan on finishing it up in the spring.  He has alot of those pricey ride-on toys that we didn't want to leave out in the weather.  I didn't want to take up space in our sheds for our mowers and yard tools with all his toys. I built this strictly for him and his toys.

DIY backyard playhouse shed salvage wood recycle
I used all reclaimed old wood that I collected from jobs his dad was working at. We did buy the zip board, nails and tape for this project. Some of the 2 x 4's had bows in them ,  but I still used them anyway.
The doors are interior doors that are only stuck on here to seal it up for the winter. I spray painted them black.  I plan on making barn doors for it in the spring.
I also used old windows that can pop open for airflow and natural light.  I need to go out there today and brace the roof rafters so it doesn't cave in with any weight from snow this winter.
The flooring I used is Advantex tongue and groove.

DIY backyard playhouse shed salvage wood recycle

Here is a view of the back wall. There is a piece of fencing that you can see thru the window that is just leaning up against the shed outside. That's another project for another day that we have just been too busy to complete.

DIY backyard playhouse shed salvage wood recycle

I started to paint the inside all white and have to finish this wall.  I'll be adding signs, shelves and seating in the spring and of course, more toys.....
DIY backyard playhouse shed salvage wood recycle

I stood his corvette up while I worked inside plus you can see how roomy it is.
We decided to go with a Train Station theme.  It has a gable roof  line, but the front is made to look like an old western ghost town building.. I will be back in the spring to show this project  finished.

Here is a TIP : Make sure you always start your projects off being SQUARE and LEVEL.....very, very important..
I thought everything was square and level and when I got to the roof rafters ,  I found out the hard way that I was off about 1.5 to 2 inches inches on one side which meant every roof rafter had to be measured individually and cut separately. It just delays the whole project. Trust me on this.

Although it's not finished, our son loves it because it's his own shed and his own space.
                 Shhh...I loaded it up with my garden statues and chairs while he was at school and he hasn't seen all my junk in there yet. I'm sure he will not be happy  so I plan on  keeping it locked up this winter..

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